Bedazzled Pink Skull DIY

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This was so much fun!  These plain skulls got a FULL makeover!
Honey is 3 and “helped me” (I let her apply the glue for the jewels, but not with the spray painting). We listened to Halloween music on Alexa and had a fun time!!! Pretty inexpensive for all items and a spooky addition to a book shelf, mantle, etc. You can change up the paint colors and jewels, this is just what we did to match the Halloween + home decor scheme in our loft!
Gorilla glue (dries clear)
To start this DIY once you have all of the materials:
Spray your skulls!
Here are some *NON EXPERT* tips that have helped me a bunch since I started spray painting stuff over the last 8 years.
-Spray in a well ventilated area. 
-Best temps are 65-85 which is obviously not AZ weather lol I just avoid direct sunlight and try to use my covered garage.
-SHAKE THE CAN for at least ONE MINUTE before initial spray, and that same time frame when in between coats.  THIS TRULY MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!
-Wait 5-10 min in between coats 
-Usually 2-3 coats is all it takes for most projects (depending on size of course)
-Long, horizontal strokes
-Light strokes - as light as you can go to avoid clumping
-Makes sure all coats get on within 1 hour. If you can’t do that because of schedule restrictions, wait 48 hours. Wrinkling definitely happens if you go longer than that.
-Let the product dry at least 48 hours - if you can wait an extra 24 after that, the better. I waited 3 days before I applied the jewels!
For the jewel application:
Just a couple drops (spread in a light coat) in the area you want to apply. I changed it up for each skull- put some only in the eyes, some in the right part of the face, some in the lower jaw area, etc. Switch it up! I stuck with similar colors but the jewels I’m recommending come with a bunch. You can play around with it depending on your color schemes/decor!
Let dry for several hours in a safe place before moving them to their new home/shelf! 
Tag me if you make these or something similar with the jewels, I’d love to see!!

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