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Well, hey! I am so excited to be writing this post - if you would've told me this time last year I'd be packing my hospital bag for my miracle baby I wouldn't have believed you. It's been such a blessing to be able to carry this 4th little Disney babe and my heart just feels so content and thankful to be here. 
So being that it is our 4th (and not my first rodeo 😜), I definitely know what I want/need when going in for a hospital stay to deliver. I should also mention that I have C-Sections, and all of my stays have been a bit longer than the 1-2 days because of that (the first and last one I ended up staying 4-5 days 😬). 
Here are some essentials that are for sure going in my bag. A few of these things are great for *after* baby but I'm including them in to hopefully help others ( especially fellow C-Section mamas!) Everything in the below graphic is linked HERE!
I'm going to run through a few things to highlight/make mention of:
These C-section disposable undies are great!!! Of course the ones the hospital gives you are super useful, and I definitely recommend using whatever they give you - but for me, once I was home, I was still needing something like them or similar. These ones are made JUST for CS moms and I recommend them to everyone once they're home! 
If you're nursing, the Hakaa is not only great for at home use but I plan to bring mine (plus these bags) this time around for the hospital too. I don't plan to pump at all, but these things are so useful because I always leak on the opposite side of what I'm nursing on, and this catches all of that liquid gold! This was how I built up an entire freezer stash with Honey without even trying.
I know Boppy's are somewhat controversial (I've heard mixed reviews over the last 8 years) but the same one has attended all 4 of my babies now. I love it in the hospital those first few days trying to nurse and being really sore from my incision. Just helps prop up baby and makes it easier to get adjusted!
This weekender bag I purchased on Amazon when it went on sale over the summer when I knew I was expecting - it is the perfect size! I also picked up a new diaper bag this time around - I've been eyeing these since summer too and finally grabbed one after Christmas when it was on sale! Tons of room and storage space. I plan to pack a few things for baby in there specifically for photos etc, along with my nice camera, to keep that stuff separate. 
Every delivery I've wanted cozy socks/slipper socks. I'm perpetually cold (specifically my feet! haha) so having these tag along have been essential for me. 
Because of COVID, we don't think C will be able to stay with me my entire stay in the hospital. He can be there, but if he leaves at all during my stay he will not be allowed back in the unit. This is near impossible because, well, we have 3 other children who need attending to. So our plan is for him to stay with me Friday while I recover that day and then head back to the kids Saturday morning until I'm released hopefully after the weekend. But in the past, he has stayed my entire duration, so here's a checklist for the new Dad-to-be to bring along as well:
Change of clothes
Phone charger

And last but not least, some extra things for baby! As I mentioned, I'm all about the fresh newborn pics so I bring extra changes of clothes/swaddles/headbands/beanies for those reasons, but the hospital will supply you with a lot of that stuff too (and diapers and wipes, so no need to bring any of that!)
Car seat
Going home outfit
Preferred pacis

That concludes my lists/suggestions! Is there anything that's not on here that's been exceptionally helpful to you to have with you during your deliveries? I'd love to hear in the comments! Honestly, I have looked back at every delivery (even with the sickness/challenges it's entailed through some of them) with such fondness. The best days of my life right there - so many memories and feelings when I think back to them. This next time is going to be even more special (and emotional!) as it's my last one, and an end to our 'baby' chapter!

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