Southwestern Mashed Potatoes with Shamrock Farms

I’m so excited to share a Thanksgiving inspired recipe with a fun twist today! Our Southwestern Mashed Potatoes jazz up the every day, traditional mashed potatoes everyone is used to. Bonus, it is budget friendly and will cost you under $15! Your friends and family will be surprised how delicious this is. 
Our family does like a bit of heat, so for this recipe you can withhold the jalapeño if you’d like it less spicy. These mashed potatoes are so unique - we’ve had guests talking about them days after they were served!!!! 
We partnered with Shamrock Farms for this post #ad. We used their heavy whipping cream that is made with farm fresh ingredients and 40% butterfat so it holds its peak longer. With this brand, you won’t have to worry about the added hormones - they are super natural and never have any artificial ingredients ever.
Check out the full recipe here.  
For a recipe that is sure to wow your friends and family this Thanksgiving, give our SW mashed potatoes with Shamrock Farms heavy whipping cream a try!
Again, this is a recipe that won’t break your bank and the farm fresh quality will make all of the difference when it comes to making a delicious side dish. You guys know I’m all about the deals, so make sure to grab a $1 off coupon on any two Shamrock products on their site to save a little more too. You can also find other great recipe ideas and more information on where to buy! Be sure to check them out on Facebook and IG, too!
Tag me if you make this, I’d love to see!

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