Curly Q's Warrior Women

I set out to create a line to raise awareness for premature births after having my son 6 weeks early in 2015. Three years later and we are still giving back to March of Dimes and spreading the word that this can happen to anyone. There used to be a stigma & idea that women who were living unhealthy lifestyles would have premature babies and that is simply not true. The idea that it was somehow all of the mothers’ fault that her child did not make it to full term. MOD educates on premature births & also creates funding for research to prevent & care for those families going through unfortunate circumstances with prematurity. 

The last 6 years there have been many trying moments in my life- as a wife, mom, and WOMAN. Countless obstacles that have been thrown my way. Sometimes the issues and hard times have seemed so overwhelming and impossible. From infertility, to having a preemie & NICU stay, a miscarriage, a traumatic d&c, high risk pregnancies, c-sections & recoveries, a blood clotting disorder and other health issues, being an entrepreneur and trying to juggle my business and young family, and on and on and on. It's been a passion of mine to raise awareness and to share my experiences in hopes it will bring comfort to others going through a similar struggle. Just know, you are not alone. We all have a different journey, but can relate to the hurdles along the way. We also all have that fire inside of us to keep pushing forward. I have many customers battling for their lives, fighting cancers and other serious illnesses. Others who’s children are fighting for their lives. Foster moms who fight to keep their babies safe and provide a home + family for those who might not have been born into one. Military families who make sacrifices every day. Single moms who DO IT ALL. Women who have battled depression. Women who have left abusive relationships. Women who’ve used their courage and strength to pick up the pieces when everything around them has seemed broken. The stories that have been shared with me from my supporters have inspired and motivated me beyond words. It’s taken time to form more of this new line. I want you to have something for YOU with this collection, to feel empowered and know you are incredible. To celebrate life's experiences and events who’ve made you, YOU

This is very close to my heart & a passion project we are bringing to our shop. All of that said, I'd like to introduce our new Curly Q's Warrior Women line! These shirts will hopefully give you that push on days you're feeling less than inspired and also give you a reminder that you are awesome. On days that feel hard, we have created these tees with a message to help you embrace it- struggles, motherhood, chaos, and challenges. You got this! Whatever life throws, you have the fight in you to continue on and make it happen.

True fighters have those days where life feels so heavy and the dark clouds overhead. Guess what?! THEY DO NOT GIVE UP! The struggle is real, but the strength is even more real. We hope to empower our old & new friends through this project. Whether you’ve been following along with us for years or you’re just finding us now from this movement, we hope you can find some solidarity and motivation here.  

I will share my last thought about this collection and something I’d really like you to know. Two things that have really stuck with me these last several years after my own dark time, are kindness and consideration. The quote, "you never know what someone is going through", really rang true to my own personal situation. I began to stop and think, maybe whatever/whoever I could be irritated with is struggling in some way like I have struggled. MAYBE it would make their day a little easier to just show some mercy and kindness. I’d love to hear from you what your defining moments have been or how you’ve turned lemons into lemonade. Thank you for the continued support, we’re all in this together! When sharing photos of you wearing anything from this collection on social media, please use the hashtag #cqcwarriorwoman so we can show you some love right back! 


Ang Disney
Founder of Curly Q's | Est. 2013