Journey to Motherhood [Infertility Awareness]



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Originally I hoped to launch this back in April when there is a week to recognize Infertility Awareness, but here we are a couple months later and it is still just as important as it was during that one week that it’s nationally recognized. For anyone who knows this struggle, this tee was made for you. To uplift you during the current hard times and/or to acknowledge and be proud of what you’ve overcome. Maybe it’s fresh and came as new information, or you’ve battled it in the past, or are going through it now. Over the last 7+ years I’ve had my fair share of hard times and news when it comes to this subject. I’ll never forget in 2012 when a specialist told me, ‘it doesn’t mean it’s impossible, it’s just not possible now.’ And today I have 3 beautiful babies (and 1 in heaven) to prove that (and also in large part to modern medicine to assist in it!). It hasn’t been an easy journey, but it’s been my journey. It’s been one full of emotions — frustration, sadness, joy, hope, doubt, messiness, and beauty. Wherever you are in yours, know you’re not alone.

*The colors of this tee are light pink and light blue glitter to signify the ribbon for Infertility Awareness.

Professionally screen printed in Arizona. Printed on a unisex blush colored t-shirt with our custom sky slate glitter ink, see size chart. Runs true for women if you like a looser/comfy fit (after much testing we recommend women selecting their normal size for a comfortable, relaxed fit!) Dress up or down!

    Colors may appear darker or lighter on your computer screen depending upon your computer settings. Graphic size & colors will vary according to size of shirt, variations may vary slightly from the pictures. Since each image is handmade, the exact position and placement may vary slightly. As with all cotton shirts, some shrinkage after washing should be expected.

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